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"Throughout the issue, Jacob Elijah once again proves that he is a major new talent in the industry, with his jaw-dropping art that appears as a kind of surrealistic blend of Japanese anime and street graffiti. The comic is worth picking up for Elijah’s art work alone and is complimented beautifully by Steve Albertson’s solid script work."Ghost Spy review by Adam Volk,
"...this issue was really top notch when it comes to production values. The effects are subtle and well-placed, the palette lean and consistent, and frankly, some of the digital colpr tweaks really improve on what would otherwise have been holes in the panel work. And frankly, Elijah is pushing the envelope with his compositions..." Ghost Spy review by Thrid rail design lab
It's been my pleasure to work with Jacob Elijah Hallinen in publication of our comic books, convention displays and artwork design. Jacob Elijah is a graphic artist to the highest degree. His mastery of all elements of design, color, composition and execution is rivaled by none. His skill would benefit anyone fortunate enough to work with him. I give my highest recommendation possible to Jacob Elijah Hallinen." -Joe Spicer, Star Cross Studio
"When working on my feature film, Jacob exceeded all my expectations. His character design contributed a layer of personality to my film that audiences latched on to. From the script and simple direction from me, he created a lush, imaginative world of skunk apes, scientists and sci-fi space vixens that impressed our audiences and helped our indie film get distribution. On top of that, he's easy to collaborate with, technically savvy and exhibits a follow through rarely found in the art world. Jacob is a rare talent and a force for good in the universe." -Matt Brookens
"I've meet some interesting creators as a writer but Jacob's creativity is fire. His style drew my eye the minute I first saw it and as I moved through his portfolio I found no stone unturned. In my opinion the guy could render anything and I couldn’t get his crisp and funky art style out of my mind. I'm fortunate that we soon had the opportunity to work together, from character designs to pinups and sequential. His imagination and incredible talent are abundant and they come with great professionalism to match." -Raymond Ayala, Planet Random
"Jacob is very easy to work with. He was willing to deal with the high demand that I had for the job. He was able to finish the job well ahead of time. I am very satisfied with his work as well as the wonderful cooperation throughout." -Naphan Akaniroj, Compositor & Visual effects specialist